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www.gggtechlabs.com is where high finance, business management, global trade, blockchain, crypto technologies, communication and video conferencing technologies are designed and integrated on syncronized operating platforms. Ultimately the Business and Lifestyle platforms organize, manage and simplify your life. The www.gggtechlabs.com networks combine Philanthropy, Humanitarianism, Security, Health, Wealth, Social Media, Business Networks, Money Management Software, Banking Software, Wealth Creation, Wealth Holding, Wealth Investment, Global Commerce, E-Commerce, Commodities, Foreign Exchange, Securities Trading and much more to infinity all by using the advanced GGG-X-ON TECHNOLOGY platforms created by GGGtechlabs.com

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GGG Techlabs has native English, Arabic & Urdu speaking project managers, designers, and developers.


A Friction-less wheel; where Sales, Marketing & Customer Service work together.

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Every project starts with an NDA. We make sure your intellectual property is always safe and secure.

Estimation and proposal

Depending on the complexity of the project, we give you a ballpark estimation and submit a detailed proposal with cost & timeline.

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In our scopping session, we infer your value propositions, characterize your product and formulate a well defined scope of work.

Bradly Arthur Nelson
Founder, President, Chairman of the Board

In the early 1990’s Entrepreneur MR. BRADLEY ARTHUR NELSON registered his first Corporation with his hard-earned KING CRAB FISHING PROFITS. Building his businesses one deal at a time over the course of 30 plus years, Mr. Nelson has forged his way forward in good weather and bad to earn his position in the marketplace. Mr. Nelson has single-handedly built up the now Multinational Corporations under the original Corporate structure and registration that he started in his early 20’s. In the beginning Mr. Nelson literally climbed his way up the ladder as the deck boss on board the American / Russian King Crab Joint Venture fishing vessels, leading the most successful king crab fishing fleet in the world for approximately 10 years. The vessels were operating in Russian and Alaskan waters 24/7 for a period of 10 years. Mr. Nelson quickly learned to speak the Russian language and helped design, build, and managed the number one producer, in a fleet of ten vessels. Mr. Nelson played a crucial role in negotiations and completion of the largest seafood deal of its time, worth over $2 Billion USD dealing directly with the Russian Government. By building high level relationships and earning his position in the marketplace, constantly re-investing hard earned money into his privately held businesses, Mr. Nelson has earned the respect around the globe developing bonds with POWER ELITIST’s and STRATEGIC RESOURCE MANAGERS built on trust and performance that has lasted 30+ years and counting. Mr. Nelson began his long journey building high level relations specifically in the Seafood, Beef, Coffee, Food stuff distribution, Video Security, Radio Frequency I.D., Algorithm Technologies, Bulk Wholesale Petroleum and Fuel Products, Solar Power and Renewable Energy, Gold, Diamond and Jem Stone Refining, Cutting, Polishing Wholesale and Retail Sales. Mr. Nelson maintains businesses, partnerships and strong business relations in Southern California, Seattle, Montana, Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Florida, Hawaii, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Africa, Australia, Europe, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, India and China.

Goran Zubic
Partner, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

After receiving his Master degree in Forestry from the University of Belgrade, he was a consultant for North American and, Eastern European oil companies, where he pursued a varied and successful career. Before immigrating to Canada, he was engaged in international trade importing and exporting from art to culture as well as the management of artists themselves.

He was involved in the construction of a chain of multiplex movie theatres including the Bosnia and Herzegovina “Cinema City -Sarajevo”, additional to his membership of the advising team of the DELTA CITY and USCE – Multiplex in Belgrade Serbia.During the Yugoslavian war, he was bringing several thousands of refugees from the war torn former Yugoslavia to Canada in close cooperation with the United Church of Canada and the St. George – Serbian Orthodox Church Niagara Falls, Canada. Since 2007 he became a permanent member of the Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies in the United Nation Economic Commission for Europe – Geneva (UNECE).

Nikola Tesla | Founding Partner of

Tesla Development Group Inc.

Tesla Venture Capital Limited.

Swiss Tesla Trust AG


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Brad Nelson


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